About the Photographers:

Sandro Malagola was born in Roma, Italy and started his artistic career as a professional musician playing electric guitar in the Italian band "Improvisation Supermarket". After six years of touring and performing professionally throughout Italy the band suffered a devastating and life changing loss which forced the band to split. At that time, Sandro put his creative talents to another art form and pursued, his other love, photography. Malagola developed a strong passion for Photography, cultivating an intense interest in darkroom techniques where he immediately started developing and printing his own black and white films. This passion united with his love for travel brought him to document people and places in several countries throughout the world. He then attended and later graduated, with a specialty in Still Life Jewelry Photography, from the European Institute of Photography and Design in Milano, Italy. His work with the masters of Italian jewelry has appeared and been published in several Italian magazines including "Vogue Gioiello" (Jewelry). Throughout this period Malagola's passion for traveling and black and white photography never ceased but only grew which can be best expressed by his own words, "Black and White photography creates a magical world where the moment in life, even if it is absolutely real, still belongs more to our dreams and imagination than to reality."

Award winning photojournalist Naomi Olenek is a graduate of Boston University's College of Communication. There, she received a degree in Print News Editorial Journalism with a concentration in Photojournalism. Having a creative soul she also minored in Art Studio and Art History. For over 20 years Olenek has focused on her true quest, documentary photojournalism. Naomi has traveled to over forty six countries throughout the world to photograph and document the lives of those she meets. Along with being a specialist in both black and white photography and printing she is a certified rescue scuba diver which has offered her the opportunity to create an extensive collection in underwater photography which adds to the more than 30,000 color slide images of her portfolio. Olenek is a specialist in many areas of photography. Along with freelancing for various publications, Olenek has participated in solo showings in New York and exhibitions in Florida. She is also the recipient of both regional and national Fine Art awards for her Photography work. Her clients include many fine art and photography collectors throughout the world.

The two photographers, Olenek and Malagola met by chance on a rooftop in Kathmandu, Nepal. With the extraordinary nature of fate, their paths were heading in the same direction, both were traveling to Bangkok, Thailand and its outer islands in the following days. After periods of separation, to work on their solo efforts, they decided to be together, collaborate their expertise and create their photographic company. A few years later another union was made; the two photographers were married. The couple's strong belief in education is the driving force for their many days on the road; bringing the viewer to the inner corners of the world is what they do best. Since their partnership, the two photographers have traveled across the globe recording history while documenting humanity. A very small portion, 5%, of their black and white collaborative work has been displayed in this site. Their photography work has appeared in many public exhibitions and has received high honors in both National and Regional Fine Art competitions. In 2003, Olenek and Malagola were the artists selected to fulfill a National Endowment of the Arts grant in the United States.

About this Photo Gallery:

All the photographic images in this website gallery are produced in the Master Photography method of using film negatives; each photo has been developed and printed in the darkroom by Olenek and Malagola. All final images are silver halide gelatin prints, photographed and printed in full frame format. Photographs have been produced by the use of classic vintage metal manual cameras without special effect filters of any kind. No digital manipulations have been made to any photographic image; only calibration has been adjusted to match the original print in appearance.